John Fox, RIP.

With much regret, it has been announced that our friend and Association Honorary Member John Fox died on Friday 29 April 2022, having been in Hospital for some weeks.

John was a brilliant Technical Illustrator, Graphic Designer, artist, photographer and more.


In 2017, John designed the amazing IX(B) Sqn memorial, seen above. His design notes are:

The monument’s 3 colours are as follows:

Polished brown granite derived from the Khaki of the RFC at the Squadron’s formation in Dec 1914.

Polished green granite derived from the bat on the Squadron’s Official Crest.

Sandstone derived from the Squadron’s history of operations in desert regions throughout its history.


The monument’s shapes are as follows:

The square footprint represents a IX(B) Squadron aircraft First World War reconnaissance camera plate.

The triangular shape represents the Geodetics used for navigation and the Wellington’s airframe.

The 4-sided pyramid represents the bomb sight of a Second World War IX(B) Squadron Lancaster.

The monument’s design angle is the travel sweep of the Tornado wing.


The monument’s orientation is as follows:

The Second World War panel is North facing, so not directly lit by the sun, to rep Second World War night operations.

The main Dedication panel is South facing and lit by the sun throughout during the day, to represent IX(B) Squadron’s achievements throughout its unparalleled history.

The First World War panel is West facing and lit by the setting sun, to represent western front operations.

The final panel is East facing and lit by the rising sun, to represent operations in the Middle East.


Below are some more of John’s work. Originals and prints are still available.

If you are interested in purchasing any, please contact

John’s brilliant “OP ELLAMY” painting of a Typhoon and Tornado. Signed and unsigned prints still available.

It was John’s idea to depict the Lancaster, Canberra, Vulcan, Tornado and Typhoon in plan form for Reunion table runners and booklets.

John’s recent drawing of a Johnny Walker mine, as used in OP Paravane.

John was a master at telling a story in graphics. He positioned the crests of IX(B) Sqn and 617 Sqn, straddling a Tallboy bomb facing the Tirpitz crest.

John Fox’s painting of a Tornado GR4 loaded with two Stormshadow missiles.

John’s depiction of a Lancaster crossing the coast line.

He was a stalwart of the association reunions, and fiercely loyal to IX(B) Squadron. He was a friend to many and we will miss him dearly.