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IX(B) Squadron WW 2 veterans got together and organised reunions in London. Of note was the successful reunion at the RAF Club, Piccadilly in the autumn of 1966. In 1972, Jim Brookbank sent a mail-shot to all known ex-IX(B) Squadron WW 2 veterans and there was great enthusiasm for a IX(B) Squadron Association to be formed.

The IX(B) Squadron Association was formed in 1975 by Jim Brookbank, a former IX(B) Squadron Lancaster Bomb Aimer.

The first Committee consisted of Jim Brookbank, Ron Goebel, Norman Sirman, George Pocock and Norman Wells.

Association Presidents have included Charles Cooper, Ron Dick, Alfie Ferguson, ACM Lord Stuart Peach, Stu Evans & Nick Hay.

Jim Brookbank was Association Chairman for over 33 years. He was replaced by Air Commodore Spike Milligan, a former IX(B) Squadron Canberra and Vulcan Navigator in 2008. The next incumbent was Air Commodore Nick Hay, who was Chairman from 2015 to 2020. The current Chairman is Air Commodore Ian Sharrocks.

Association Secretaries have included Norman Sirman, Bill Toomey, Brian Owen, David Higgs, Paul Lenihan, Dicky James and Andy Holland. The current Secretary is Dean Wood, who took over in 2020.

A new post of Association Assistant Secretary was created in 2007 and Chief Technician Rob (Swanny) Swanson has held this post since its inception.

Association Treasurers have included Jim Brookbank, Dicky James, Paul Lenihan and Mike & Eve Pritchard. The current Treasurer is Group Captain Lenny Nixon.

Details of the current Committee, including contact details, may be found on the Contact page.

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The IX(B) Squadron Association welcomes new members. Full membership of the Association is available to anyone of any rank who has served on the Squadron as either Groundcrew or Aircrew at any time since its formation at St. Omer, France in 1914 to the present time. Associate membership is available to other personnel who have an …