2021 Association Reuinion

Dear Assn members,

I am afraid it is my sad task to once again inform you that the planned reunion weekend in October, at RAF Lossiemouth, has been postponed until July 2022, exact date to be confirmed in due course.
A combination of stricter COVID restrictions in Scotland and the continuing uncertainty around the rising numbers of infections across the UK were already putting plans in doubt. At our Committee meeting this week the final TABS moment appeared when we were informed by the Squadron representative that the Squadron will now be deployed away from Lossiemouth during October.
It is the Committee’s aspiration to enhance the links between the Assn and the Typhoon era personnel and with very little chance of meeting them in numbers, the decision has been taken to postpone the weekend and reunion dinner.
The good news is Alfie Ferguson has again volunteered to be the Project Officer as we roll things into 2022, so all of his hard work and contacts will not be wasted.
In light of this cancellation, some of you may now wish to attend the Tirpitz Dinner with the Junior Sqn Assn on 13 Nov 21 at the Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa. If you would like to take up that option, could you please contact Lenny Nixon at association.vicechairman@9sqn.co.uk
Dean Wood
Association Secretary