The IX(B) Squadron Memorial proposal at the National Memorial Arboretum






IX(B) Squadron 100th Memorial Design

The monument features 3 colours as follows:

Polished brown granite derived from the Khaki of the Royal Flying Corps.

Polished green granite derived from the Squadron’s crest.

Polished solid sandstone derived from the Squadron’s history.

The monument’s shapes are derived as follows:

The square footprint represents the camera plate in WWI reconnaissance.

The triangle represents the Geodetics, used for navigation and the Wellington’s airframe.

The monument’s 42 degree design angle is the travel sweep of the Tornado wing.

The 4-sided prism represents the bomb sight of the Lancaster.

The monument’s orientation is as follows:

Side 1 – The WW2 panel will be North facing, so not directly lit by the sun (WW2 night ops).

Side 2 – The contemporary panel will be East facing (Middle East) and lit by the rising sun.

Side 3 – The WWI panel will be West facing (western front) and lit by the evening sun.

Side 4 – The Dedication panel will be south facing, so lit by the sun during the day.

The engravings, which will be reverse engraved, as follows:

The WW2 face on polished brown granite with King’s Crown IX Squadron crest.

The contemporary face on polished brown granite with Queen’s Crown IX Squadron crest.

The WWI face on polished brown granite with RFC crest.

The Dedication face on polished brown granite with RAF crest.

Many thanks to Mr John Fox for all his work in the design of the memorial.



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