RIP Harry Kartz – IX Sqn Wellington era

We are sad to inform you all that Harry Kartz, one of our 2 remaining veterans from the Wellington era, passed away peacefully in hospital at the grand old age of 102 on 12 March.  Harry was also chairman of Aston Villa from 1978 to 1980 and was vice chairman when Villa won the First Division championship in 1981 and European Cup in 1982.  In 2013, Harry told the Birmingham Mail that ‘Seventy years ago I was flying Wellington Bombers over Germany for the RAF during World War II and I got away with that, so I feel very lucky.’ I spoke to his son, John this week who told me that Harry still felt lucky until the very end having enjoyed a full and vibrant life.

Per Noctem Volamus

Footnote:  In 2013, Harry told the Birmingham Mail “I still follow Aston Villa – I’ve been a bit disappointed with them in the last few years but I think they’re coming back to form now,’’   As we say on IX(B)Squadron, TABS.

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