Wing Commander Phil Cash RIP

It is with great sadness that the Association reports that Wing Commander Phil B Cash (GD/P) died on 19 Feb 2015, aged 83.  His funeral will be held on Wednesday 4th March at 1400hrs at St Mary’s Church, Leckhampstead, Bucks.

Phil was a close friend of our previous Chairman, Spike Milligan and was known by his friends as ‘Handsome Phil.’  Phil and Spike served together on IX(B) Sqn Canberras between 1959-61 at both Binbrook and Coningsby.  Phil was a Cranwell-trained Admin Officer turned pilot and two of his IX(B) Squadron navs were both RAF Regiment officers who transferred to aircrew duties ( still wearing Regt flashes ).  These two trusty crewmembers, Air Vice Marshal Bobby Robson and Gp Capt Alistair Sutherland will both be representing the Association at the funeral, with Bobby presenting the Eulogy. Our thoughts are with this family on this sad day.

Philip Edward Tetlow RIP

It is with great sadness that the Association must report the recent passing of Philip Edward Tetlow, one of our stalwart World War II veterans from the Lancaster era.

Philip’s funeral will be held at the Bramcote Crematorium on Thursday 5th March at 1.30pm and Mary would be delighted to see any members of the Association or current Squadron.  The address and postcode is:

Bramcote Crematorium, Coventry Lane, Beeston, Bramcote, Nottinghamshire NG9 3GJ

Should you be planning to attend, please let Andy Holland know via e-mail ( as he will be calling Mary to forward all the names of those attending from the Sqn and Assn.

Philip’s wishes were for ‘no black’ at the funeral and for ‘bright colours to be worn’. Also, please do not send flowers but if you would like to make a donation, please donate to Cancer Research.

Philip was crewed with Don Macintosh DFC and flew on all of IX(B) Squadron’s raids against the Tirpitz.  His own written words explain the events leading up to the Squadron’s sinking of one of Hitler’s crown jewels in November 1944:

‘On armistice morning we were ordered to proceed post-haste to the advanced base in Scotland.  I remember wondering inanely, how the two minutes silence affected us.  That was the condition this target had reduced me to.  In the afternoon I went to sleep on my bed and awoke to find I had missed the Wireless Operators briefing.  Perhaps I shall go down in history as the only clot ever to be briefed for a major operation – in a Salvation Army canteen.  Round about two o’clock next morning, the air was filled with the sound of aero engines being run up for a final check over.  Our own Group Captain had taken possession of the contents of my pockets, in lieu of the intelligence officer, and he had smiled reassuringly when he saw my white, strained face.  I forced myself to smile back but I was not reassured. 

Sitting in the aircraft, awaiting the signal to take off, I conjured up visions of the entire Luftwaffe waiting to pounce on us.  I prayed for a last minute cancellation.  A few seconds later, we were bouncing along the runway with the airframe shuddering and straining to get the immense weight into the air.  About four hours later, as we neared the Norwegian coast I picked up a message telling our deputy controller to take over leadership.  This caused much speculation amongst the crew.  Had our leader ditched? Been shot down?  Suffered engine trouble?  It was as though an alert had been sounded in the aircraft.  Every man increased his vigilance, scouring the skies for the fist signs of hostility. 

Once again we had been selected for wind finding.  As we completed the necessary orbit and turned to join our formation an exclamation broke from Pete.  We were at least half a dozen aircraft short in our squadron!  There was no time for questions.  The weather was perfect and the “pride of the German navy” was clearly visible, surrounded by a mass of lighter craft who were cramming on speed to get out of the target area.  Everything was perfect – then Pete’s voice came over the inter-comm announcing that his automatic computer box was out of order and could we go round again to give him time to work out his own computations.  We turned slowly in a wide circle getting a grand stand view as the other aircraft bombed.  It was possible to watch some of the 12,000 lb missiles right down and I had not seen one hit the vessel although all were very close.  By now Pete was all set to go, so we turned into our bombing run, scarcely daring to breathe, lest we disturbed Pete’s run up. 

The Lanc gave a convulsive jerk and the bomb was away, speeding down to its target almost three miles beneath.  There was a tremendous explosion about twenty yards away from her on the port side.  We had missed but had we inflicted serious damage?  There was an ear splitting yell from the Rear Gunner.  “Ship, she’s on fire!  Mac banked over and we could see a mighty blaze raging amid ships.  Another explosion and then – yes – she was keeling over, slowly!  Our petrol was extremely limited, so we reluctantly turned away.  Mac gave a report of what we’d seen to the leader but he couldn’t get a reply.  Everyone seemed to be using the radio at once.

We cheered and laughed and sang, then fell to feverishly discussing whether the Germans would be able to repair the so called “invincible battleship” or whether we had put her out of action for good.

After landing, I got a meal and went to bed.  Round about nine, Pete woke me and we dressed and went down to the mess.  Pandemonium was raging.  Everybody was hopelessly drunk.  Eventually we managed to corner our skipper and he explained that the only thing left of the Tirpitz was her back side sticking up out of the water!  I can remember nothing more of that gloriously, chaotic evening.’

Funeral Of Henry Thomlinson

The funeral of Henry Thomlinson will be held on Saturday 14th March at 1500hrs in close proximity to York.

All Association and Sqn members who are planning to attend please could you inform Dutch Holland Via e-mail ( and copy the Dep Sec too ( by 1700 hrs March 10th.

The address of the church is:

St. Giles
Church Street
YO23 3SW

Post the Service, Henry will be buried in a graveyard circa 400m from the Church and his sons, Michael and James are planning to hold the wake in a local WI (TBC). Details will be updated on the Association website as soon as we know more.


Henry Thomlinson: 3 April 1924 – 21 Feb 2015.

It is with a very sad heart that the Association reports that one of our longest-standing members, Henry Thomlinson, passed away peacefully in his sleep at 0530 hrs this morning, 21 Feb 15.  For those of us lucky enough to have been at the Menin Gate on 8 December 2014, the Squadron’s 100th Birthday, we will always remember the pride with which Henry spoke in front of his colleagues and the visitors from many, many nations.  He was a fine example of our wartime generation and made an immediate and positive impression on all those who met him at previous reunions, Remembrance Sundays and other Squadron-related events.  

Our condolences have been passed to Henry’s sons, Michael and James and details of Henry’s funeral will be promulgated on this website in due course.  However, should you wish to attend and would like the details sent to you as soon as we know, please e-mail Andy Holland, the Association Secretary on

Finally, with a small twist to the words orated by Henry at recent events, ‘At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember him.’



IX(B) Squadron Centenary Reunion and Dinner – 23 July 15

Invitations to the IX(B) Sqn Centenary Reunion and Dinner, scheduled for Thursday 23 July 2015, will be sent to current IX(B) Sqn personnel and IX(B) Squadron Association members by 23rd February.  The preferred method of correspondence is e-mail but should an e-mail address not have been held on the Association database, written letters have been prepared for despatch.

The daytime event will coincide with the RAF Marham Friends and Families Day (from 1000hrs) and the evening Dinner will commence at 1900 for 1930hrs.  The Squadron and Association have also agreed preferential accommodation rates locally so please contact the Squadron before arranging your own accommodation.

Should you not have received any correspondence by the end of February, or are an ex-member of IX(B) Squadron who is not an Association member but would like to attend, please contact the Squadron by calling 01760 337261 ext 3201 or via the following e-mail address:  However, please note that the Project Officer will be on post-operational deployment leave until 2nd March so will likely not respond to any correspondence or queries prior 4th March.

This year’s event is being organised completely by the Squadron with the Association in support.  Therefore, please liaise with the Squadron directly rather than through the Association Committee should you have any queries.  We will however try to keep you updated via this website.

IX(B) Centenary: St Omer Flying Club

photo 1photo 2



12 Feb 2015:  Presentation of a commemorative print from the Association Vice-President, Alfie Ferguson to Monsieur Francois Mobailly, President of the St Omer Flying Club in recognition of the Flying Club’s long-standing support to IX(B) Squadron and particularly, their leadership in making the Centenary celebrations such a roaring success.

Annual General Meeting 2014


The Association AGM was held in the Officers’ Mess, RAF Marham at 1130 hrs, on 20 Sep 2014. The Chairman, Air Commodore Spike Milligan opened the Meeting and welcomed 106 members.

The Chairman briefed the meeting on the current Committee.

President……………….…….……………………Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach

Vice-President………………………………………….Group Captain Alfie Ferguson

Vice-Chairman……………………………….………..…Air Vice-Marshal Stu Evans

Secretary, Treasurer & TABS Editor ……………….Squadron Leader Dicky James

OC IX(B) Sqn (ex officio)……….….…….…….…….Wing Commander Chris Snaith

Co-opted from IX(B) Sqn………………………………..Warrant Officer Dean Wood

Deputy Secretary………………………….…………..…Sergeant Swanny Swanson

Item 1. The Chairman asked the meeting to confirm that they had seen the 2013-2014 Annual Financial Statement and the 2013 AGM Minutes, which were published in 2014 TABS and had also been displayed in the Mess since 19 Sep 2014. All confirmed that they had seen the documents and there were no questions. The 2013 AGM Minutes and Financial Statement were recorded as a true record.

Item 2. The Chairman reported that the finances of the Association were in excellent shape. He reported that after the invoices from RAF Marham, for the Reunion, and RAF Cranwell, for Remembrance Day Luncheon had been paid, the expected balance would be over £9000. The Chairman also stated that the Association would continue its charitable work, however the Centenary year was likely to be an expensive year for the Association.

Item 3. The Chairman highlighted the charitable aims of the Association, which were clearly stated in the Association Constitution, which was the Governing Document. This had been on display in the Mess since 19 Sep 2014. All present confirmed that they had seen the Constitution and there were no questions. The Chairman detailed a number of research projects which the Sec had undertaken in the past 12 months on behalf of members and the general public. He also detailed a number of charitable gifts which the Association had made to the Bardney Heritage Centre and the Marham Aviation Heritage Centre. The Chairman stated that HMRC had written to the Sec and confirmed that the Association was a Charity for tax purposes, with effect from 1 Jan 2013, therefore, the Association could claim Gift Aid.

Item 4. The Chairman reminded the meeting that the Sqn would be 100 years old on 8 Dec 2014. The Association Vice-President, Alfie Ferguson, who had volunteered to co-ordinate the Centenary events at St Omer and Ypres, gave a detailed briefing on all the planned events. SEngO, IX(B) Sqn stated that due to world events, two-thirds of the Sqn would be deployed from 1 Dec 14 to 31 Jan 15, so currently the Sqn’s plans for St Omer and Ypres had not been finalised.

Item 5. The Chairman detailed the day’s events and timings. He asked all present to read all the notices on the notice board and to view the magnificent array of Raffle prizes.

Item 6.   The Chairman announced that the President, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary would be standing down from Jan 2015. There had been a number of volunteers for these posts and the Chairman proposed the following new incumbents:

President……………….…………..…….. Air Vice-Marshal Stuart Evans CBE RAF

Vice-President…………………………………………….Group Captain A Ferguson

Chairman….……………………………………… Group Captain Nick Hay OBE RAF

Vice-Chairman……………………….…..……… Group Captain Andy Turk DFC RAF

Secretary ……………………………….…………….Squadron Leader Andy Holland

Treasurer……………………………….……… Wing Commander Paul Lenihan MBE

The new incumbents were seconded by Mr Colin Dodds and there was a unanimous vote for them.

The Chairman asked for volunteers to take on the remainder of the current Secretary’s duties of TABS Editor, Webmaster, Shopkeeper and Membership Secretary. None were forthcoming.

The Era Secretaries would remain:

Lancaster – Harry Irons

Lincoln – Harry Brittlebank

Canberra – Spike Milligan

Vulcan – Al Ferguson

Tornado – Dicky James

Item 7.   Lancaster Veteran Harry Irons had recently visited the crash site of FS George Thompson VC in Holland. He noted that the Association budget was very healthy, and asked whether the Association could erect a small memorial at the crash site. The meeting agreed unanimously that our only VC winner should be remembered in this way. The Chairman suggested that this would be a task for the new Committee.

Item 8.   The Secretary, on behalf of John Fox detailed the design for the 100th Memorial which was to be discussed by the National Memorial Arboretum Committee on 24 Oct 14. The Memorial would probably be manufactured by Stonemasons in Lincs, as Mr Fox had a good relationship with them already. The memorial would cost around £10000 and the Secretary stated that he had been in contact with Wg Cdr Ian Sharrocks, from MOD and there was a possibility of a benefactor from the City who would pay for the Memorial. The Sec would keep Association members informed about the progress of the Memorial.

Item 9.               Roy Ashton asked about the progress of the Centenary watches. Sgt Daz Owen, a member of the Sqn’s Centenary Planning Committee, replied that prototype copies of the watches could be viewed at the Sqn that afternoon and watches could also be ordered.

Item 10.   Roger Blackburn asked for clarification of the date of the 100th Anniversary Reunion. The Chairman stated that the Sqn had organised the Reunions for the 70th, 80th and 90th anniversaries. He asked for confirmation from OC IX(B) Sqn that the Sqn would organise the 100th. OC IX(B) Sqn was unsighted on this matter and as he was in the last 6 months of his post, would probably hand the request to his successor, Wg Cdr Ian Sharrocks.

Item 11.   The Chairman thanked the Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Trustee, Shopkeeper, Webmaster and TABS Editor, Sqn Ldr Dicky James, for all his truly outstanding work for the Association over the last 13 years.

There was no other business, and the Chairman closed the Meeting at 1215 hrs.

R S James


Secretary IX(B) Squadron Association

20 September 2014

Sec’s Note: Since the AGM, Group Captain Andy Turk has volunteered to Edit TABS.

Association Minutes

14 Feb 15


Present Gp Capt HayWg Cdr (Ret’d) Lenihan

Wg Cdr Sharrocks

Sqn Ldr (Ret’d) James

Sqn Ldr Garland

Sqn Ldr (Ret’d) Holland


OC IX(B) Des


OC D Flt, IX(B) Sqn


Apologies AVM EvansGp Capt (Ret’d) Ferguson

Gp Capt Turk

PresidentVice President

Deputy Chair

Item 1 – Committee Composition1.   The Chair welcomed everybody to the meeting and gave a brief overview of who had taken on various roles within the Assn. He thanked those present who voluntarily agreed to attend the meeting and who would undoubtedly have close contact with the Assn in the forthcoming months. It was fortuitous that OCIX(Des) was in London on Force Development with RAF Lossiemouth and was able to attend the meeting to meet a portion of the new Association Committee.

Item 2 – Financial Situation

2.   The Treasurer informed the meeting of the current financial situation. The Assn fund balance is currently £9385.85. Annual subs bring in approximately £4000.   Major costs for the year were traditionally as follows:

a.              Remembrance Sunday            £300

b.              TABS production                     £450

c.              Stamps                                    £500

3.   The major outgoing for the year is the Annual Reunion costing in the region of £7500. After payment from attendees, the fund usually makes £1000, assuming a raffle and auction.

Item 3 – Centenary Reunion Event

4.   The meeting was informed that the plans for the Centenary Reunion were well underway, the lead coming from the Sqn. A Service Fund Account has been set up to process payments but it was suggested that 1Gp be approached to seek money that can be allocated up front for centenary celebrations. However, a business case (BC) would be required to seek further funding support from HQ AIR as this was a Centenary Celebration; OC D Flt, IX(B) Sqn agreed to submit the BC.

5.   The meeting was informed that that an important aspect of organising an event of this scale was to have one person who collates all the relevant data. In addition, a cut off date for replies, and particularly the prioritisation of hotel accommodation should be set at 6 weeks prior to the date of the reunion ([The] Hotel required any unallocated rooms to be returned for public sale by 23 June 15). It was acknowledged that a number of Assn members were airline pilots and would not be aware of their rotas until post this cut-off date. It was agreed that spaces at the Dinner would not be reserved but that any spare seats could be allocated up to a few weeks prior to the Dinner – a reserve list would be held by the Squadron.

6.   After discussion, it was decided that the Sqn should take responsibility for both the organisation and communication plan whilst the Assn would take on a supporting role. The Sqn agreed to send a letter or e-mail to all Sqn and Assn members detailing current plans for the 23 July by the end of Feb 15. The details (excluding the name of the hotel venue) would also be posted on the Association website as soon as the letters were distributed. All agreed that up front payment was essential such that the Sqn would seek replies on:

a. Numbers of Daytime attendees, incl full names, DoB and vehicle details.

b. Lunch attendees – charge of £10 per head.

c.   Dinner attendees – charge of £30 per head for Assn and Sqn personnel and their guests (see below). Non-members would be charged £45 per head.

d.   Those requiring accommodation at [the Hotel venue] on 23 Jul, at £45 per head for B&B (max of 130 beds).

e.   Those requiring B&B at [the Hotel venue] on 22 Jul, at £55 per head for B&B or £70 per head for dinner, bed and breakfast.

7.   The meeting was informed that there were a number of good sponsorship opportunities to be had for the Centenary Reunion and that these should be approached.   It is likely that there would need to be invitations sent to those who agree to help with the costs. The Chair offered to contact OC 10/101 Sqns to ascertain if any support was available from the ‘Beers for the Boys Charity’.

8.   The Sqn agreed to send a formal request to HQ Music Services for a Band/String Quartet to provide music for the evening’s celebrations.

9.   It was agreed that some risk would be accepted in publicising the cost of the Dinner as £30, based on the following assumptions:

a.   Of the 240 places for dinner, it was assumed that the Sqn would plan on filling 120 and the Assn the remaining 120.

b. Subsidy of at least £10 per person would be made by the Assn (£1200 estimate) and the relevant Sqn Non-Public Funds (Belfry, T-Bar and Officers’ Fund).

c. The Sqn would seek additional support from HQ AIR as there are Central Funds available to meet Centenary Events.

d.   The Treasurer agreed to contact Andy Jeffrey to see if his company would be willing to sponsor the Dinner; should they not wish to accept the opportunity, the Chair mentioned that MBDA might be able to provide limited financial support.

e.   Attendees who were neither current Sqn personnel, Assn Members (as of 8 Dec 2014) nor their guests would be charged the full cost of the event per person – this equated to £45 per head based on:

(1) Arrival drink between 1900-1930 – £5 per person.

(2) 3-course dinner – £25.

(3) 0.6 of a bottle of wine per person – £10.20. (Hotel would provide wine at £17 per bottle)

(4) One bottle of port per table of 10/12 – £2.10 per head based on £12 per bottle and £9 corkage.

(5) Tea or coffee available from a servery placed in the dining room – £1. Sqn Ldr James highlighted that only 1/3 of diners traditionally had tea/coffee. The £1 charge therefore spreads the cost across all attendees and would not require individuals to pay at the point of collection.

Item 4 – Designation of Responsibilities

10.   The meeting was informed that, given the recent restructuring of the Assn, all members should be aware of who was responsible for organising various projects.   It was decided that the breakdown would be as follows:

a.         Annual Reunion                       Sec

b.         Remembrance Sunday            Chair

c.         TABS                                       Vice-Chair

d.         Website                                   Simon Bowron

e.         Funerals                                  Sec

f.          History                                     Sec

11.   Funerals.   During the discussions it was suggested that the Assn might like to consider getting an unofficial Standard that could be used at funerals. It would be held on the Sqn and could be taken to selected events by representatives from the Sqn. OCIX des would endeavour to send 2 officers (a crew) to each Assn member funeral, operational circumstances permitting. The Chair agreed to speak to Wg Cdr Crook, SO1 Ceremonial to discuss the possibility of acquiring an Assn Standard.

12.   The relevance of an Assn and Sqn MoU was discussed. It was agreed that there ought to be something in place that gave both the Assn and Sqn something to refer to in order to assist with relevant planning and logistics for certain events. The Chair would draft a proposal for discussion with OCIX (des).

13.   Whilst it was not an appropriate time to grind out the details, it was agreed that the Sqn would provide, as a matter of course and at a minimum:

a.              The Standard to be paraded at Bardney on Remembrance Sunday. A flypast would be requested by the Assn but not guaranteed.

b.              One article from OC IX(B) Sqn for TABS.

c.              One article from a IX(B) Sqn Junior Officer.

d.              Annual Reunion:

i.                Sqn POC to assist Assn in planning and execution.

ii.               Friday night hosting

iii.              Set-up on Sqn site

iv.             Formal request for BBMF Lancaster

v.              Sqn Flypast (assets and personnel dependent)

Item 5 – Proposal for other Centenary Events

14.   A suggestion was made to have a dedicated Centenary Dinner in the RAF Club for past and current Commanding Officers and Warrant Officers. This proposal was agreed. The Chair agreed to lead on planning and to publish the date in TABS and on the Association Website. OC IX(B) Des agreed that he would endeavour to return with WO IX(B) Sqn.

Item 6 – Charity Commission Responsibilities

15.   There was concern that, as a registered charity, the set up of how the Assn was governed could be improved. The meeting were informed that it was not good practice to have Trustees on the Board and that the role of a Trustee was to govern. It was decided that the following posts/individuals should be approached to act as Association Trustees, following a meeting between the Chair and Treasurer to discuss the Business Plan (see below):

a.              OC IX(B) Sqn – until disbandment

b.              WO IX(B) Sqn – until disbandment.

c.              AVM Evans

d.              Air Cdre Waddington

Item 7 – Business Plan

16. The Assn needed an up to date and relevant business plan. This included modern accounting software. The Chair and Treasurer agreed that it would be wise to discuss at a later date and report to the committee. The meeting agreed that £400 would be identified, if necessary, to acquire the relevant software. The update should be complete by 31 March 15.

Item 8 – Memorial for Arboretum

17.   The Chair agreed to be the lead on this project. The final design work needed to be formally presented to the Arboretum in April. Despite the design being well advanced, it was suggested that the Chair speak to the designer to ascertain an appropriate timeframe.

18.   Although the Arboretum has many memorials, they are keen to have the IX(B) Sqn memorial.   If it is accepted the cost will likely be in the region of £9000. In addition, it will incur a one off cost of £1000 and subsequently a yearly ‘rent’; this is as yet uncosted.

19.   The meeting was told that there a some very high profile sponsors who are aware of the memorial and that they would be very keen to assist with the funding.   The Chair will liaise with OC IX(B) Sqn (desig) to pursue.

20.   In order to ensure the memorial is erected in the Sqn’s centenary year, the aim is to have it complete and in situ by 8 Dec 15 – this was recognised as a very ‘stretch’ target.

Item 9 – Date for AGM

21.   It was agreed that the AGM would take place during the centenary celebrations on 23 July 15. Unfortunately, the Treasurer would be unable to attend but the Chair would present relevant financial details.

Item 10 – AOB

22.   Nil

Item 11 – Date for next meeting

23.   It was decided that the next meeting would be held at RCDS on 26 Jun 15 at 1200hrs.   OC IX(Des) and the Centenary Event Flt Cdr agreed to attend. As a minimum, this meeting would review these minutes and the plans for 23 July, including ratification of the proposed allocation of hotel rooms and seating plan for the Centenary Dinner

Post-Meeting Comment

 24.   The Sec would liaise with the Website Manager (Simon Bowron)[1] to set up a IX(B) Sqn Association Facebook page. Membership would be closely monitored and restricted to those who were members of the IX(B) Sqn Assn.

25.   The Web Manager has publicised broad details of the plans for the 23 Jul on the Association website (, explaining that the Sqn would distribute communications by end-Feb.




















OC D Flt, IX(B) Sqn







OC D Flt, IX(B) Sqn


OC D Flt, IX(B) Sqn

















OC D Flt, IX(B) Sqn






OC D Flt, IX(B) Sqn


OC D Flt, IX(B) Sqn





OC D Flt, IX(B) Sqn


















Committee Members










OC IX (Des)








































Chair/OC IX (Des)












All Committee Member

OC D Flt and OC IX(B) Sqn



Sec/Web Mgr


A K Holland

Sqn Ldr (Ret’d)






The Centenary Reunion Event will be held on Thursday 23 July, in lieu of the traditional September gathering.

– The format will entail an AGM, lunch and an afternoon event on the Squadron that will also coincide with the timing of the Air Display during the Marham Friends and Families Day.

–  The evening Dinner will be held at a local Norfolk venue, as the Station Messes are unavailable.

– As agreed at previous AGMs, the Squadron are leading the planning for the Centenary Reunion Event.  The Squadron Project Officer aims to inform all Association Members of the detailed plan and timings by the end of February.

– Members are advised NOT to book hotel accommodation yet as the Squadron is hoping to receive reduced rates in local hotel(s).

– Should Association members not receive any official correspondence by 7th March or see an update on this website, they should initially contact the Association Secretary, Andy Holland for an update (

Any further notifications should be promulgated on this website.  However, for security reasons, detailed timings and venues for the Centenary Reunion Event will not be publicised via this medium.