28 Jun 15


Present AVM EvansGp Capt Hay

Gp Capt (Ret’d) Ferguson

Wg Cdr (Ret’d) Lenihan

Wg Cdr Sharrocks

Flt Lt Franklin


Sqn Ldr (Ret’d) Holland


Vice President


OC IX(B) Sqn

Centenary ProjO, IX(B) Sqn


Apologies Gp Capt Turk Deputy Chair
Item 1 – Matters Arising 1.   The Chair welcomed everybody to the meeting and gave a brief update on some outstanding matters. At the previous meeting, it was highlighted that there may a be a need to acquire some accountancy software to help with the running of the financial aspects of the Assn. This is no longer required.

2.   The amount of money in the account earmarked for the memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum was £1300. In addition to this amount, the Assn has received £500 in form pledges.

Item 2 – Financial Situation

3.   The Treasurer informed the meeting of the current financial situation. The Assn fund balance is currently £12478.78. The committee were told that there seemed to be a number of members of the Assn who had yet to alter their payment plan to reflect the increase in subs. This needed to be addressed.

4.   Currently the only person permitted to make financial transactions on the Assn Acct is the Treasurer. The committee were informed that it was good practice to have another 2 members who could fulfil this role. This should be the Chairman and the Secretary.

Item 3 – Centenary Reunion Event

4.   The meeting was informed that the plans for the Centenary Reunion were well underway and there were few critical decisions to make. The meeting were told of the current plan to integrate with the RAF Marham Families day. There were currently 200 guests expected for lunch and there would be no further additions beyond 9 Jul 15. The ProjO requested an up to date database list of Assn Members.

5.   It was decided that the seating plan would be finalised at a later time but that members of the committee would assume responsibility for various eras.

6.   The committee were reminded that an announcement should be made in both the Times and Telegraph newspapers. This was relatively straightforward to do and should be done the week prior to the dinner.

Item 4 – IX(B) Sqn Memorial – Bardney – Mr Frank Viner

7.   Mr Frank Viner has tended the IX(B) Sqn Memorial voluntarily for some considerable period. In recognition of his outstanding service it was decided that the committee should arrange for a Certificate of Appreciation be given to Mr Viner. In addition, it was also decided that Mr Viner be offered the opportunity to attend the RAF Marham Families day as the guest of IX(B) Sqn Assn.

Item 5 – St Omer Reconciliation

8.   The committee decided that the Treasurer is to present the full Association accounts at the CO/WO Dinner on 26 Sep 15: this is to address the Vice President’s concerns over the income and expenditure anomalies as presented for St Omer in TABS

Item 6 – IX(B) Sqn Memorial – National Memorial Arboretum

9.   The meeting was brought up to date with the state of play of the Assn’s application to have a memorial dedicated at the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA). The Vice curator at the NMA was working without support at present and was unable to give any clear indication as to whether the proposed plan for our memorial would be given approval in the immediate future. However, he informed the committee that the next meeting of the NMA committee was scheduled for 18 August 15 and that he was optimistic the approval would be forthcoming then.

10.   The committee therefore decided that it would be prudent to have funds available to go ahead with work immediately if the go ahead was given. In order to raise funds the committee discussed ways of raising money. It was decided that the best way to do this would be to have an auction for a prize on the night of the Centenary Dinner, 23 Jul 15. The committee were given the opportunity to give away a prize of one of 9 limited edition prints commissioned by OC IX(B) Sqn.

11.   The feasibility of having a fund raising dinner was discussed. Benefactors have already expressed an interest in helping the Assn achieve its goal and would be very keen to attend a unique event. Locations were discussed, including the RAF Museum Hendon, the RAF Club, RAF Marham and somewhere with a central location. Whilst no definite conclusion was reached, it was agreed that the idea was a good one and that it should be taken forward. The RAF Museum has historically done dinner like these on previous occasions and it was decided that they should be contacted to ascertain if this was something they were prepared to entertain.

Item 7 – Date for AGM

12.   It was agreed that the AGM would take place for a short period during the day on 23 Jul 15.

Item 11 – AOB

13.   Nil

Item 12 – Date for next meeting

14.   There was no decision made on the date of the next meeting. (Chair Comment: As the majority of Committee Members were planning to attend the CO/WO Dinner at the RAF Club on 26 Sep, the meeting could be held immediately prior the arrival drinks). Once a decision has been made it will be published through the usual channels.

15.   The Treasurer recommended that future meetings could be held on-line and agreed to pass the Sec details of how this could be achieved

















Vice Pres












Vice Pres





















Vice President (Duxford)

Chairman (Hendon)



Chairman, Sec












A K Holland

Sqn Ldr (Ret’d)


Copies to:

All Committee Members

Assn Website Manager – Simon Bowron[1]

OC IX(B) Sqn

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[1] For publication on website under a new link ‘Association Minutes’.

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